The beautiful residences of Tuscany for rent

Blue seas an endless beaches, sparkling rivers and silent lakes, smooth hills and evergreen valleys, culinary pleasures and pure love for live, exciting cities bursting with the treasures of cultural heritage contrasting villages who’s people still live the ancient traditions – all this is offered by the unique Tuscany in Italy. It’s a region of diversity welcoming all kinds of vacationers, whether they come for sunbathing or sightseeing, for hiking or biking, for visiting world famous towns or riding the waves of the Adriatic Sea.

The best advice for getting to know Tuscany is to book a residence that allows you to plan an all round individual vacation, which can barely be realized when staying at a hotel. Therefore your perfect Tuscan residence is a holiday home. Whatever you want to do, however you’d like to be entertained, whatever you want for breakfast and whoever is having breakfast with you – it’s totally up to you. Tuscany offers a countless number of residences, so you’re basically spoilt for choice. You may decide on a villa or a cottage, on a house for twenty or for two and be happy with where you stay – for all of those residences in Tuscany are unique and reflecting the Mediterranean charm of the picturesque scenery.

Many of the residences in Tuscany can be found near the cities. You are invited to Florence just to walk in the footsteps of Julius Ceasar and visit the famous Piazza della Signoria, the Duomo, the Campanile Bell Tower as well as the colorful Ponto Vecchio Bridge crossing the Arno River. Another beautiful city in Italy is Sienna, where people of all nations come together on the Piazza del Campo to spend time with doing not much more but relaxing. More cities, such as Lucca, Livorno and Pisa, well known for its Leaning Tower, want to be discovered. Many residences in Tuscany are centrally located, wherefore they allow you to see all those and much more famous places in Italy.

Most Tuscan residences are embedded into the most impressive countryside which is characterized by vineyards, olive groves and cypress alleys. Four your stay in Tuscany you may choose a residence that is a small country house for four or less vacationers, a spacious manor offering room for six and more people, or even a castle where a tourist party can move into. Each single residence is fully equipped, providing lots of amenities to ensure your unforgettable stay in Tuscany, such as furnished balconies or garden terraces. The castle does also have an outdoor pool and an entertainment center. In addition it can be booked with a cook and service staff. More residences in Tuscany that are tailored to your needs can be found along the scenic coast. Maybe you would like to stay in a villa that lies a little isolated upon a rock overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Being isolated does of course not mean that you’ll have to do without water and electricity – like each other holiday house this Tuscan residence is also fully and modern equipped. Grocery shopping can be done in a near town while for sunbathing you may use one of the many terraces, your own private beach, or the popular bathing resorts that are close by.

Offshore one of the most beautiful islands with more Tuscan residences is waiting for your visit. Following Sardinia and Sicily Elba is not only the third biggest Italian island but most legendary for it once gave home to Napoleon Bonaparte. Nowadays Elba is a paradise for vacationers who like to hike and practice water sports. On the one hand you can visit mountain villages, ports and nature reserves, on the other hand there are numerous golden beaches and cozy bays. The water is clear as crystal and inviting for swims, boat trips and dives. Your offshore residence in Tuscany may be a villa for a group of travelers, a beach house for a family or a snug love nest for two. On whatever residence you decide, Tuscany and Elba are bidding you a warm welcome. And who knows, your residence in Tuscany might already wait for you: hidden between cypresses, at the foot of a mountain or lazing on a beach.
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